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chiropractic care
during pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, your body is constantly adapting to prioritize a growing baby. Regular chiropractic care has been shown to be safe for both mother and baby. Consistent gentle chiropractic care can provide the following benefits:


  • A less stressful, pain free and more comfortable pregnancy

  • Reduction in labor time up to 25%

  • Enhanced pelvic alignment providing optimal position for the baby

what makes us different


what patients have to say:

"I would recommend Sea + Spine to anyone looking for a chiropractor! I am currently 7 months pregnant and have been coming here for almost 9 months now. The office is so welcoming and Dr. Chowansky and Dr. Irons are both so knowledgeable. I have been meeting with Dr. Chowansky and she is extremely thorough during your initial visit to truly understand your problem areas. As my pregnancy progressed, she would alter my treatments to make sure both baby and I were safe and comfortable." - Gillian U.

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