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New patient

Your first visit to the office will give us a chance to connect with you one on one to determine your health needs.  We will email you initial paperwork for you to fill out before your visit.  We ask you arrive ten minutes early if you wish to fill it out at the time of your appointment. 

After going over your health history and paperwork, we will perform a detailed assessment if your neuro-spinal system using using out Insight technology. Three different scans will assess how your nervous system is functioning. Once your neuro-spinal analysis is finished we will perform a comprehensive physical exam and structural analysis, which may include x-rays.  X-rays allow us to see exactly what the structure of your spine is compared to normal.  

The first visit will be approximately 45 minutes.

After analyzing your x-rays and scans, we will sit down with you one on one to discuss your results and recommendations for care based on your specific health needs.  We will discuss any need for additional testing or referrals at this visit. 

After going over your findings, care recommendations, and any questions you may have, you will receive your first adjustment.  Your second visit to the office will take approximately 30 minutes.  

Day 1. 

At your first visit, we get to know you.  Through a thorough health history and science-backed technologies like Insight scanning and x-ray, we learn everything we need to develop a plan for you to thrive.


Plan 45-60 minutes for this visit


We do not adjust during this visit.   

Day 2. 

At your second visit, we lay out a plan.  By this time we have reviewed your Insight scans and x-rays and have put together our best recommendations for you. 

If you choose, you will be adjusted at this visit.  

The cost for this visit is the single adjustment cost or included in the care package you choose.


ADjustment cost

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Care Packages

follow up

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